Tipp City and Township Continue Full-Time Emergency Service Discussions

Administrators also need numbers soon so they can prepare a township levy request that would appear on the November ballot. The costs for the city and the township would increase with the new departmental structure. The township now has a tax of $ 2 million for fires and EMS.

Haller said a phased approach makes sense because it would be unrealistic to think the city would be able to find enough candidates to hire all the necessary staff in a year.

As the township determines how much tax demand it would need from township voters, the city will need to consider how to meet its share of the increased costs as the phases are implemented, a said city council president Katelyn Berbach. She said the goal would be to make the staffing plan work by the end of the next five years.

The city must also decide how it will pay its additional share of the department’s expanded costs, said city manager Tim Eggleston.

In a note to the township council and administrators, he outlined the options. One was an income tax increase of 0.32 percent to cover the operations of an entire department. Capital costs could be budgeted for from the city’s capital improvement tax, which was renewed 10 years earlier this month. The income tax percentage could be lowered if the council agreed to move 0.1% of the income tax that now goes to capital improvements to the general fund, which would reduce the increase by 0.32 % to 0.22%.

The second option was an increase in the property tax of 4.86 mills to cover operations. Under this option, capital funding would also come from the capital improvement tax.

The most recent discussion also focused on the possible future exploration of a fire department, which would be responsible for fire and EMS operations as well as its funding. In this case, a property tax would be required as a means of financing.

“The neighborhood can be discussed later,” Eggleston said. “First, how do we approach Chief Haller’s plan and how do we fund it?”

Administrators agree now is not the time to delve into the firefighter talks, English said. “A neighborhood is not what we are looking for now. Looking at it in four to five years makes the most sense, ”he said.

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