This Cyberpunk 2077 perk is the absolute worst

There are many viable versions and options in Cyberpunk 2077 for destroying Night City. But some options are more superior than others, and one option is just trash.

If you’re doing a stealth-focused build, one of the initial perks looks appealing: Dagger Dealer. It lets you throw knives, which seems perfect for any type of sneak. Throw a knife, get a quick takedown from the scope, and keep going.

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There’s only a small, tiny detail that the perks menu kind of forgot to overlook.

Knives in Night City? They are not recoverable.

In case this needs more explanation, let me be a little clearer. You can take a good knife in Cyberpunk 2077throw it away, and you will lose it forever. No question of taking it out of a body. No question of catching a bad throw on the floor. It doesn’t matter how good the knife is, whether it’s a crap knife, rare, uncommon or legendary. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

It’s such a strange and bizarre omission that I can’t help but wonder if it was a necessity, as if a viable knife-throwing solution couldn’t be found otherwise.

I foolishly got the only benefit here, but then realized pretty quickly that it was an absolutely worthless investment. There’s no point in picking up rare gear to use once. That’s not the point of an RPG. And of course, later in the game, you can completely respec your V – and I say later, because that’s okay it costs you around 100,000 whirlwinds to do it.

Most of the main missions don’t really net you that large sums of money, so to meet the specs you’ll have to deliberately seek out money. This is much easier if you have perk points invested in crafting, as one of the last perks gives you more money to sell crafted items. Hotspots are another way to earn a few bucks from every mission you complete, provided you’ve gotten the benefits of the Extended Network Interface and Advanced Datamine under Breach Protocol.

So whatever you do, make sure never have the advantage of the knives in Cyberpunk. And don’t bother with any of its tracking benefits either. Not only is that a waste of perk points, but you can’t respec attribute points – so if you’re hoping to fix some of those major decisions down the road, you’re out of luck.

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