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The 18 inch Ergonomic True Temper Mountain Mover has a sturdy, lightweight aluminum shaft that gloved hands can grab anywhere. Its 18-inch-wide plastic shovel is neither too big and awkward nor too small and inefficient. The shovel has a curved handle, an unusual design that makes moving snow easier, as it means you have to put less work into each swing. The shovel’s nylon leading edge won’t dig into your deck or snag your brick patio. Plus, the shovel is built to last – I’ve used mine in New England winters since 2009, and it still performs well.

Also awesome

BackEZ EziMate Grip

Attach this second handle to any shovel shaft to make the job easier, safer and less tiring on your body.

The ergonomic Mountain Mover is good on its own, but it’s even better with the addition of a BackEZ EziMate tool handle. This secondary handle attaches to the shaft and improves ergonomics and reduces the risk of injury. With this extra handle, the shovel effort is more balanced between your two hands, greatly reducing the strain on your back and reducing the overall effort. Simply put, it makes shoveling easier, whether you’re scraping snow from the steps or picking it up from the ground. So no matter which shovel you get, we recommend adding an EziMate. This handle replaces our old pick, the Stout Backsaver, which suffered from durability issues (our test sample broke during the second year of testing). The EziMate is made of a more durable plastic, and with the included hex wrench, it’s easier to put the shovel handle on and off (or adjust it up and down to fit different people ).


Bully Tools Combination Snow Shovel

The Bully has a wider shovel than our pickaxe – and is indestructible – but the lack of a curved shaft makes shoveling heavy loads a little more difficult.

If the Ergonomic Mountain Mover is not available, we recommend the Bully Tools 92814 Combination Snow Shovel. Overall, the Bully has a more durable feel than our main pick, and the longer handle is great for tall people. But we still prefer the ergonomic benefits of the Ergonomic Mountain Mover.

Also awesome

If you need to shovel snow from flat, scratch-resistant surfaces like city sidewalks and paved driveways, consider the 20 inch True Temper Aluminum Combo Snow Shovel. This shovel has the same curved handle as our main pickaxe, but combines that handle with a metal shovel instead of a plastic one. With this design, the shovel can easily cut under compacted snow and scrape flat surfaces. The inconvenients ? Its metal blade scratches wood, bluestone and other soft patio and deck materials, and the leading edge is so rigid and sharp that it grabs and stops abruptly on uneven ground surfaces such as than gravel driveways, brick driveways or even patches of asphalt. This model is also heavier than the poly version, which adds up during a shoveling session.

Also awesome

Veiled Telepro Mini Excavator Avalanche

This little shovel slices through icy snow and can be taken apart for car storage. It’s not cheap, but it’s what we’d want in a roadside emergency.

If you’re looking for a shovel to keep in your car for emergencies or for getting out of a snowy parking spot, we recommend the Veiled Telepro Mini Excavator Avalanche. Designed for hiking and mountaineering, this model has a nice solid scoop and is easily disassembled to store under a car seat or in the corner of the trunk. It’s designed to slice through frozen snow, so it’s unlikely to break in an emergency. The Voilé isn’t cheap, but it was clearly the best in our tests against four other car shovels, all of which were either too flimsy or too small to be trusted. It’s also a good option if you live in a city apartment and have minimal shoveling needs and very little storage space.

Also awesome

Bully Tools 92813 Snow Pusher

For clearing light snow from a flat surface, this pusher has a longer handle than others and an extremely durable shovel.

True Temper sled shovel (Garant)

This sled has lots of snow and glides like a sled. Unlike others, it has a curved handle to reduce back strain.

Purchase options

*At the time of publication, the price was $50.

Ames Sidewalk Scraper

The metal edge of this tool is ideal for scraping and cutting thick ice. The long handle helps achieve a low angle for scraping, and the padded end is easy on the hands.

Purchase options

*At the time of publication, the price was $33.

True Temper Telescopic Roof Rake

Good for clearing snow from a roof and preventing ice dams, this 17-foot roof rake features a push-button telescoping handle that adjusts to a wide variety of lengths.

Purchase options

*At the time of publication, the price was $46.

We also have recommendations for a few additional tools you might want to consider besides your shovel. The Bully Tools 92813 Snow Pusher and True Temper sled shovel (also sold as Garant) are designed to clean larger areas, such as driveways. The Ames Sidewalk Scraper is a great tool for breaking up stubborn pieces of ice. The True Temper Telescopic Roof Rake is, as the name suggests, good for knocking snow off a roof, which goes a long way in preventing ice dams from forming. We also have a separate guide for snow blowerswhich offer yet another way to clear a driveway.

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