Parameta Solutions Launches Evaluated Pricing Solution FX

Parameta Solutions, which is the flagship brand of the Data & Analytics division of TP ICAP, has announced the launch of its new FX Evaluated Pricing (FEP) solution.

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This new solution should help businesses with better price discovery, better risk management and would also help businesses make accurate and timely decisions about it. For now, the solution is intended to cover only G10 currencies as well as currency options. It is reported that the company would seek to expand the total number of instruments of this solution in a time-bound manner according to the needs of its customers.

“The new FEP solution follows the launch of Bond Evaluated Pricing in June 2020 and is based on the same principles: data quality, consistency and transparency. As the world’s leading provider of OTC market data, we are uniquely positioned to compile, analyze and present complex derivatives data, even in less liquid markets. Highly detailed transparency allows clients to access observable prices in the forex markets, which is essential for price discovery and portfolio valuation. The granularity of the inputs is useful for traders and portfolio managers and will allow them to make safer trading and risk decisions. Transparency fields help clients meet the reporting obligations of regulations such as IFRS 13, ASC 820, Prudential Valuation, FRTB and relevant local guidelines. Says Irina Orlova, senior product manager at Parameta Solutions.

The company specializes in providing OTC content and data as well as risk management, benchmarking and pre and post trade analysis. Guidance notes are generated by TP ICAP’s brokerage partners and these are enriched using the platform’s proprietary technology and are then subject to very strict quality control procedures by staff. internal company prior to the release of the dataset. This ensures that the data customers receive is of the highest quality and can be used to make important business decisions. All timely market information is taken into account in this assessment and pricing is provided hourly and offers and requests are also provided when available. This in turn provides customers with observable prices and also a choice of connecting with many companies choosing to have it in the cloud these days so that the cost is cheaper and access is also easy and fast.

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