New administrative team in place for Humboldt Collegiate –

While some of the faces may be the same, the positions they occupy have changed. Humboldt Collegiate Institute (HCI) will see a new administrative team lead the way.

David Millette assumes the role of principal following the departure of former principal Cory Popoff at the Horizon School Division’s central office. Millette’s appointment as manager left two vacancies at the assistant manager position. One will be occupied by current staff member Heidi Phillips. The second will see HCI newcomer and former Viscount manager Eric Anderson.

Millette began teaching at HCI in 2009, primarily in the area of ​​social sciences. He has been a volleyball coach for a long time, and it’s a role he intends to continue. For the past five years, Millette has been part of HCI’s administrative team. Now he looks forward to his new role.

“My approach to leadership is really based on the skills and abilities of the staff and based on what the previous administration has established. I think with any change you are building on past experience and what works well, and then you use it to work with your current situation as you move forward into the future.

Millette views its professional development as a reflective practice with the help of experienced staff.

For Heidi Phillips, the position may be new, but she has worked hard over the years and dedicated herself to the training required to advance to a leadership role. Phillips arrived as a teacher at HCI in 2003, making her the longest tenured teacher. During her high school years, Phillips taught hundreds of students in a variety of subjects, including English language arts, practical and applied arts, social studies, and others. With a long connection in after-school programs as well, Phillips decided to seek out new challenges. She enrolled in a Masters in Educational Administration program and explored the possibilities of engaging her new learning. She is also excited for the learning ahead.

After 19 years, I thought I knew everything about HCI,” jokes Phillips, “but the learning curve has been steep over the past few weeks since I started here. I look forward to being able to count on my administrative team and on the experience of Dave and Eric in the office. As far as I know about HCI and its inner workings, there’s so much I don’t know about administration, but I’m really excited to work with students in a different capacity. I love my class time and I love HCI. They’re my family, but I’m really excited to take on this challenging role.

Phillips also hopes that young women will see the possibilities that come with education and assuming positions of power in their own lives.

“For me, I felt it was finally time to ‘step on the step’ that I taught my women to step into leadership positions and show that women have a place at the table too. .”

Eric Anderson is a new face at HCI. A seasoned school division administrator, Anderson has been principal of Viscount School for five years. Anderson describes himself as a “traveling soldier”, having held teaching posts in Tisdale and Strasbourg, before landing in Viscount. He is certainly ready to integrate into the community and, as the new head coach of the Mohawk football team, he will have every opportunity to do so.

“We had our first football practice yesterday and had about 50 bodies there,” Anderson says, “And from what we hear, we had about five other students in contact afterwards. I expect that number to grow, so it’s a group that looks very positive.I’m looking forward to seeing what the year brings to mohawk football and being a part of HCI in general.

Although the number of students in the school has changed from his previous position, in the final analysis Anderson maintains that “kids are kids” and he is happy to work with them, no matter the setting or the numbers. .

Millette sums up the experience to come as grateful, and he acknowledges that the three are moving into new positions, that they are all grateful to their staff members, to their families and for the opportunity to show leadership. in their beloved school.

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