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I am writing to all my fellow beef producers and consumers of beef. Are you feeling uncomfortable with the increased expense and basically getting the same price for your calves since 2016? Or, what if you’ve completed a load of cattle and can’t even get a buyer to watch them? Tired of your financial statement equity getting off the truck? Have you seen a crazy increase in the number of ribeyes or burgers you buy at the grocery store?

It’s not by accident and things won’t change if you don’t take action.

There are two major bills being discussed at Ag. Senate Commission. One is the mandatory country of origin labeling of rounds / testers (MCOOL) B2716. This will bring back the label on beef in the US Born, Raised & Processed grocery store. At present, such labeling does not exist. The next time you go to the grocery store, take a look at the meat crate and find it for yourself. The other is the Grassley / Tester 50/14 B949. This will require packers to buy 50% of their livestock through a cash auction and bring the livestock to slaughter in 14 days. This will bring the price discovery back to the market through real cash auctions. The captive supply in the market today is causing difficulties for cash sellers to sell their cattle unless they are taken to auction. Call Deb Fischer and Ben Sasse, (202) 224-3121, tell them you want to see where your beef is coming from in the store, tell them you want fair competition in the market for your cattle.

The Dusty Johnson Bill that was passed is not enough to bring transparency and competition back to the market. I applaud John Thune and Mike Rounds because they know what is good for their condition. The cattle industry is going exactly like the pigs, vertical integration and I’m sure that hasn’t helped anyone trying to make a living in farming or ranching or in their communities in Nebraska or Dakota. from South.

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