Kamala Harris gets perfect score from abortion rights group

Claim: “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris support taxpayer funding for abortion up to the time of birth, late abortion,” Vice President Mike Pence said during the October Vice Presidential Debate.

Evaluation: Exaggerated.


Pence’s claim is similar to a campaign by President Donald Trump over the Democratic presidential ticket for some time.

They were eager to show that Biden and Harris would encourage women who choose to have abortions.

Harris, who will be sworn in as vice president on January 20, has been a US senator since January 2017. The California Democrat earned a perfect score from NARAL, who fights for the right to abortion, for her votes in each of her first three years in the Senate. Votes for family planning lists on a web page “9 Reasons to Love Kamala Harris.” “

After the election, the group’s daily tip sheet “The Quickie” praised Harris. The Vice President-elect, he said, “is not only the first woman, the first black person and the first person of Indian descent in our nation’s history to be elected Vice President of the States. -United – she is also a steadfast champion of reproductive rights and health care.

He then cited an interview in Vogue with the president of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Alexis McGill Johnson, who said Harris has “offered an inspiring vision to make abortion more accessible and to expand reproductive health care across the country. “.

Johnson then provided a long list of abortion rights measures Harris championed.

Harris reiterated his support for abortion rights in October while questioning Amy Coney Barrett, Trump’s Supreme Court candidate, during Senate Judiciary Committee hearings. Barrett, who was confirmed last month, has sided with anti-abortion sentiment in the past.

She did not tell the hearing how she might rule if confirmed, although President Lindsey Graham, RS.C., said Barrett was “unabashedly pro-life.”

Anti-abortion side, National Right to Life said on his site by Harris “We agree 0% of the time.”

“There is nothing moderate about Harris, especially on the abortion issue,” said Penny Nance, President and CEO of Women concerned for America, a group that promotes traditional values ​​offering a seven day prayer guide for supporters of Barrett.

The Trump campaign has pushed this point hard. A video on the Trump campaign website introduces the president speaking from the Democrats’ point of view on abortion and warns “you know and I know Biden is not going to run things …. Biden’s stunt.”

Harris’ views on abortion are very much in the mainstream of Democratic politics. Among his posts:

Make it harder for states to impose restrictions on abortion

“For any state that passes a law that violates the Constitution, and in particular Roe v. Wade, our Department of Justice will review this law to determine if it complies with Roe v. Wade and the Constitution, and if it doesn’t, this law will not come into effect, ”Harris said in a statement. October 2019 Debate by the Democratic presidential candidate.

Harris, a White House candidate at the time, explained that “the reality is that even though we still have … these state lawmakers who are overwhelmed and out of touch, mostly men who tell women what to do with them. body, there must be responsibility and consequences.

If Roe v. Wade is diluted or spilled, experts believe that many states would continue to attempt to authorize certain abortions.

Support the Women’s Health Protection Act. It is an ambitious plan, supported by many Democrats, to help provide a legal and safe abortion.

This would allow women to obtain abortion care “without medically unnecessary restrictions and prohibitions,” says one. Guttmacher Institute analysis, a research and policy group that studies sexual and reproductive rights.

The bill would prohibit requiring patients to undergo medical tests or procedures, such as a ultrasound, when not medically indicated. States would also not be allowed to require abortion providers to give false information about abortion.

The bill would allow medical abortion to be administered via telehealth and prohibit requiring patients to make medically unnecessary in-person visits for care prior to receiving abortion care.

No support for abortion until birth

There is no record of Harris or President-elect Biden saying they support taxpayer funding of abortion until the moment of birth, although anti-abortion activists point out congressional votes exemplify the reluctance of Democrats to ban such abortions.

The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act would impose criminal penalties on anyone who performs an abortion on a fetus 20 weeks or older.

A Senate vote in February to limit debate on the bill ran out by seven votes as most Democrats, including Harris, voted against obstruction. Politifact found that Harris and Biden “say they support the landmark Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion and allowed states to regulate it after fetal viability.”

Anti-abortion interests have also lobbied this year for the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.

He says healthcare professionals should care for an infant who survives an attempted abortion as they would any baby. Someone who didn’t could face jail time, and someone who kills an infant after a failed abortion could face murder charges.

Opponents have argued that the laws already prohibit killing a baby born alive. An effort to limit debate on the bill in February he lacked four votes, effectively kill Bill.

This story was originally published October 15, 2020 11:32 am.

David Lightman is McClatchy’s chief congressional correspondent. He has been writing, editing and teaching for nearly 50 years, with stops in Hagerstown, Riverside, California, Annapolis, Baltimore and since 1981, Washington.

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