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The Mediator Diana kovacheva is determined to seize the Constitutional Court if an amendment to the law on consumer credit, adopted Wednesday evening, is promulgated.

The amendment allows quick loan companies to charge debtors up to twice the principal amount (200%) as interest and penalties for non-compliance.

The text was adopted again by the proven method of the current ruling majority – in the transitional and final provisions of a different, unrelated law (in this case the law amending and supplementing the law on VAT). Thus, making significant changes in another law without correlation and without discussions – in the case of the consumer credit law.

This happened on Thursday, when members of parliament spent most of the day on these amendments, around 180 pages, recalls lex.bg.

The text of the amendment was introduced by the independent MP Spas Panchev and took place between the first and second reading of the VAT law.

The vote on this particular text was “packed” with 10 other paragraphs of the bill, on which no debate took place.

69 deputies voted “for”, 34 “against” and three abstained.

Kovacheva points out that the adopted text arouses in her an “absolute perplexity”, moreover, that she has repeatedly informed the deputies of the numerous complaints of people concerning unfair terms in the contracts with the companies for fast loans, rates excessive interest, penalties, fees and the like.

солютно недоумение буди в мен решението на Народното събрание от вчера, с което окончателнието на Народното събрание от вчера, с което окончатертелно откончатерното събрание от вчера, с което окончатертелно ноткончатертието

икувахте от Diana Kovacheva етък, 20 ноември 2020.

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