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Compiled from articles published in the Kendall County Record, 1864-present

September 2012

Christopher Vaughn of Oswego was convicted of first degree murder in the deaths of his wife and three children along Interstate 55 in Will County. Earlier this month, Theddias LeSure of Montgomery was sentenced to 50 years in state prison for killing his brother and cousin by setting the house on fire.

September 2007

City officials are awaiting a proposal for a “lifestyle center” on the Countryside Center property at Routes 34 and 47.

September 2002

A community “Patriotic Walk” will be held on September 11 to remember those who died in terrorist attacks a year ago. The route follows Somonauk Street and Church Street and the center line of the road on the route has been repainted in red, white and blue.

September 1997

A group of Plano-area landowners announced they had signed an agreement that they would not sell their land for the construction of a proposed NASCAR racetrack.

September 1992

Yorkville’s first Hometown Days were held on Van Emmon Street and Downtown East Lane. It was a two day event.

Land was laid for the Orchard Road extension from Galena Road to Montgomery south to Highway 34.

September 1987

Kendall County Council is considering building a 31-acre golf course just west of Harris Forest Preserve on Highway 71.

September 1982

George Ryan, speaker of the Illinois House and Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, was in Kendall County last week to deliver the deed to the former rest area on Route 34 to the village president of Oswego, Milton Penn.

September 1977

The funeral was held for brand new YHS basketball coach John Keller. He had just taken the job that summer, coming from Geneseo where there were exceptional teams. Keller, 39, died of acute appendicitis.

September 1972

An earthquake shook the region for about 25 seconds on September 15. The “moderate” tremor reached approximately 5 on the Richter scale and no damage was reported. Officials said they believe the location of the Earth’s rupture or fault to be somewhere between Aurora and Morris.

September 1967

A police chase that began in Crest Hill ended in death on Caton Farm Road east of Highway 47. Crest Hill officer James Nink, 36, and John Varmin of Joliet were both killed after their cars were unable to navigate a curve in the road. Varmin was charged with looting a telephone change box in Crest Hill, according to a report by Nink Police Radio. Speeds were high at 100 miles per hour in pursuit. Kendall County police had set up roadblocks at Caton Farm and on Route 47, less than a mile from the crash site. (Cato Farm has since been rerouted, eliminating curves.)

September 1962

Dedication services and open houses were held recently at the new Charles B. Phillips Library in Newark. The library is a gift from Mr. Phillips of Aurora, who spent his early years in Newark.

September 1957

Schools opened with 495 in primary schools, up 36 from last year. High school is at 263, up 28 from last year. Gordon Campbell is the secondary school principal.

September 1952

Excerpt from a paid advertisement by the Kendall County Republican Central Committee:

On Monday, September 15 at 8 p.m., Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower will drive through Yorkville on Highway 47 from Aurora to Highway 71 and on to Ottawa. This will be your chance to see the next President of the United States. Never in the history of this community has a presidential candidate given us such an opportunity. Let’s all be available to give “Ike” the welcome he deserves.

September 1947

The Kendall County Rural Choir is busy rehearsing for the Fall Festival. The choir will present a group of religious numbers. In addition, there will be a show recounting the history of Kendall County and the coronation of the Harvest Queen.

September 1942

The Yorkville Salvage Committee collected 11,675 scrap points. The men worked like beavers and the heads of families separated themselves from many “useful from time to time” to add up the total.

September 1937

Ira Perkins of Yorkville has been awarded the general contract for the construction of the new Farm Bureau building, including a cold storage plant on Van Emmon Street in Yorkville. Every effort is being made to have the building completed by early this winter so that the cold storage plan can be utilized for the early winter butchery season.

September 1932

The Bristol Township Roads Commissioner completed repairs to the Blackberry Bridge over River Road on Tuesday. They installed eight new I-beams and re-floored the deck, put in a new railing and painted the railing. The commissioner regrets not being able to paint the bridge at the moment. This is because the bridge, which was built in 1895, was in dire need of I-beams, and the expense was so great that there were not enough funds to afford to paint it. However, the bridge is in much better condition and is much safer.

September 1927

Remember this when loading your car for the road. The new law, passed by the last session of the legislature, states that “the maximum width of any vehicle and its load shall not exceed eight feet”. Some of our big trucks might take that into consideration as well as the fact that they are only allowed half the road and that taken from the side and not the middle.

September 1922

Russell Naden of Plattville left Tuesday to attend the University of Illinois.

September 1917

Mrs. Ella Hill, Mrs. WA Colledge, Misses Frances Hill, Grace Reddock and May Spridgen have successfully completed the Surgical Supplies Manufacturing Course and have been appointed as Instructors in the Preparation of Red Cross Surgical Supplies.

September 1912

A railroad bridge fire on the Fox River line near Dayton wreaked havoc on the line’s service. The afternoon passenger train from Streator was held up and was five hours late to arrive in Yorkville, arriving around 9.30am.

September 1907

Yorkville Post Office was robbed, with the thief also taking a horse and rigging from Armbruster and Needham’s barn to escape. The horse was found near Plainfield the next day, but the buggy and harness not later.

September 1902

The Kendall County Fair is in full swing for about the 50th time.

September 1897

The 1897 Kendall County Fair broke all records. The biggest crowds. Fastest horses. Fastest time. Better exposures. Hot ball game, warmer weather. It was the 44th edition.

September 1892

The hype will soon be over here; the grain goes bad.

September 1887

Mr. Tarbox on the north side does a heavy trade in the brick line; furnishing bricks for the courthouse, the school and the Cotton building.

September 1882

Fred Armbruster suffered three badly bruised fingers in colendars at the old mill on Friday. At the same old paper mill, John Hable broke three fingers while they were making repairs.

september 1877

For the best tea in Kendall County, call on Welsh and Myron Liscon, Lisbon, Illinois. Buy your patent medicines from George R. Lee and Charles E. Moore, Yorkville.

september 1872

The latest invention to benefit nice young men on low wages is a patented reversible reverse shirt with two breasts and a collar at each end, guaranteed to wear four weeks without washing.

September 1867

Government engineers engaged in the Fox River survey passed through Yorkville on Saturday en route to Aurora where the survey ends. They operated the line from Ottawa. A report will be ready for Congress in its next session when we may know something of the cost to make our river navigable. Plano’s Lewis Steward estimates the dams and locks can be built for $200,000 and is confident that work will be done as the water power improvements will more than pay for the cost of the work. Fox Valley will certainly be a great manufacturing district in the near future.

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