Which credit card? – Advice on choosing a credit card

What should be considered when choosing a credit card?

What should be considered when choosing a credit card?

Credit cards are an increasingly popular form of payment . While in countries such as the USA or Australia, payment is almost only possible by credit card, the credit card is not yet so popular in Germany. However, there has been an increase in the number of credit card holders and online shopping now shows the credit card as the only means of payment for some retailers.

But credit cards and credit card providers are more than enough, and how should you find the right and most suitable credit card in this credit card jungle? In any case, it helps to deal with some questions about the credit card . Because it should crystallize what is important to you with a credit card. Once you have found out what the credit card is used for and what factors play a role, you can search for the right credit card with the user profile.

Questions for choosing the right credit card:

Questions for choosing the right credit card:

Credit card type:

  • Which type of credit card is suitable for me?
  • Do I want a classic credit card with an individual credit card (charge card) or would you prefer a credit card on a credit basis (debit card, prepaid card)?
  • When should the invoice amount be debited, at the end of a set period or immediately after the transaction? Will I be satisfied with a virtual credit card that I can only use to pay online?
  • Do I need a credit card without a Schufa or credit check?

Annual fee:

  • Is it important to me to keep the credit card costs as low as possible?
  • Do I value extras and additional services? Caution: the amount of the annual fee does not necessarily say anything about the number of additional services, that is, just because a credit card is very expensive does not automatically contain many or good special conditions.

Additional services:

Are insurance policies (such as travel health insurance, accident insurance, etc.) important to me?

  • Do I want to participate in a bonus program with my credit card?
  • Do I want to benefit from discounts and benefits (perhaps from a special provider)?
  • Should my credit card contain any other extras, such as personal service?

Foreign assignment fee:

  • Do I use the credit card for transactions in other European countries or around the world? Then the international assignment fee should be as low as possible.

Withdraw cash:

  • Do I want to withdraw cash with my credit card? If yes, how often? Abroad or in Germany? The fees for cash withdrawals can sometimes be very high. But there are also many offers where cash withdrawals are free of charge.

Current account with credit card:

  • Should I also have a checking account with my credit card application?

After asking yourself these questions, it should be clear what criteria your credit card should or should meet. You are welcome to let us know your ideas about your credit card so that we can search for credit cards that fit your user profile .

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