Payday loan: How to make it

Having access to a lower interest line of credit like the payday loan can make all the difference when your budget is a little tight or when you just don’t want to postpone a plan.

In this post, we will explain everything you need to know to apply for a payday loan at Good Finance.

This type of loan is linked to your salary or monthly benefit (in the case of a retired person or pensioner).

In other words, the risk of default is much lower when compared to other types of credit, since the discount of the installments is made directly on the payroll. This has an important advantage: interest is lower.

Main advantages of the payday loan


In addition to the lower interest rates, another advantage of the payday loan is the speed of approval, which can take only 24 hours in some cases. As it does not need a guarantor or the sale of assets, the process of analyzing the customer profile and releasing the money is faster.

The term for repaying the loan is also longer than other credit lines. At Good Finance, customers can have up to eight years to pay a payday loan, depending on their profile and the loan amount.

Despite the facilities, the bank may refuse a payday loan in certain circumstances. Read this post to the end and find out everything you need to do to get this type of loan at Good Finance.

Guidelines for applying for a payday loan


Good Finance offers this type of loan only to GFIC retirees and pensioners, active and inactive public employees and public agency pensioners, unlike other banks that offer the product also to companies that have agreements with them.

If you are a civil servant, look for the human resources department of the agency where you work and ask if there is a partnership with Good Finance. Then just look for a bank branch.

In the case of retirees and pensioners, just go directly to a bank branch to apply for a loan.

To order a payroll, you don’t have to be a bank customer. That is, you can receive your salary or benefit at another bank and contract the loan at Good Finance.

payday loan


To apply for a payday loan at Good Finance, it is necessary to look for one of its branches and make the application in person.

Over the phone and on the website, the bank’s service team answers just a few questions.

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