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The "In Memory of Carlo Giuliani" Fund

From July 2001 to date, the Fund has paid for:

the adoption, through the ComunitÓ di Sant'Egidio, of three children for a period of ten years in, respectively, Cambodia, Salvador and Mozambique;

a contribution towards the funding of a primary school for 620 children in Saharawi (an AUSER SPI CGIL project);

the opening, with a CGIL Development Project, of a centre for technical aid for disabled persons to provide help to Palestinian children mutilated by the war;

a contribution to the NGO .Emergency for initiatives in favour of the Afghan population;

a second contribution to Emergency to fund the paediatric ward in its hospital in Kabul;

the adoption of four more children overseas through the ComunitÓ di Sant'Egidio, respectively, Ucraina, Colombia, Guinea Conakry and Cambodia;

a donation to the ComunitÓ di San Benedetto al Porto (run by Father Gallo) to enable it to overcome the present financial crisis so that it may continue to help those who suffer from hardship to re-enter the labour market;

a specially equipped medical vehicle - donated to the Croce Verde of Sestri Ponente (Genoa), to assist people with disabilities, patients undergoing dialysis, terminal patients and for transporting urgent blood supplies;

a two-year distance adoption of a Kurdish family, through the non profit organisation "Verso il Kurdistan Onlus";

the new vehicle donated to the Genoa branch of LILA (a Porter Diesel 1400, Glass Van model) will assist in the distribution of medical aid and other essential supplies, contributing to the fight against AIDS and offering much-needed support to HIV-positive individuals or patients with AIDS;

a new project for Manitese: now Guido Village in the Department of RÚo, Burkina Faso, has a new well, complete with manual pump and grain mill. The project was made possible by Chiara and Giulio, who decided to donate all gifts on their wedding list to Comitato Piazza Carlo Giuliani!

a contribution to the association CISP "Comitato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo dei Popoli" (International Committee for the Peoples Development) to create two didactic books, one reading book and one exercise book, for children in the primary schools in the Saharawi camps in the south of Algeria;

a contribution to the association Kufia O.n.l.u.s. to create a people's school of music in Ramallah, Palestina;

the long-distance sponsor to two Indian children for the next ten years through the Association "Assefa Onlus";

a contribution to the autonomous Municipality rebelde in Polh˛, Los Altos del Chiapas (Mexico) to help the indigenous peoples who found a refuge in this area;

una donazione per la realizzazione di un progetto di ASUD: la costruzione di una casa delle donne Way¨u in Colombia;

un contributo per la realizzazione di un progetto della Rete Italiana di SolidarietÓ COLOMBIA VIVE!: un film-documentario in dvd che presenta i 10 anni di resistenza civile della ComunitÓ di pace di San JosŔ de Apartad˛;

una donazione per la realizzazione del Museo "Jes˙s Suarez Gayol y Carlo Giuliani" a CamagŘey (CUBA), tramite l'associazione AsiCubaUmbria;

il finanziamento del progetto "In campo il nuoto!" di Opera Nomadi di Genova;

l'adozione a distanza per un anno di una ragazza kurda tramite l'associazione "Verso il Kurdistan Onlus";

l'acquisto di dispositivi chirurgici pediatrici per gli ospedali di Cuba tramite l'Associazione di Amicizia Italia-Cuba;

l'acquisto di un camper finalizzato all'assistenza dei senza fissa dimora tramite l'associazione MEDU - Medici per i Diritti Umani di Firenze;

l'arredamento completo di sei appartamenti che il Comune di Genova destina provvisoriamente a famiglie di sfrattati, in attesa di una soluzione permanente;

una donazione al Comune di Cavezzo (Mo) finalizzata alla ricostruzione della biblioteca danneggiata dal terremoto;

l'acquisto degli elettrodomestici (cucina a gas, frigorifero e lavatrice) per completare l'arredamento di due appartamenti del Comune di Genova destinati provvisoriamente a famiglie di sfrattati, in attesa di una soluzione permanente.


Funds are collected at:

Agenzia UNIPOL Banca
via De Marini 15, 16149 Genova
C/C 2007
ABI 03127
CAB 01403
IBAN IT53W0312701403000000002007

NOTE: We draw your attention to this communication received from our bank: "Recently ABI - the Association of Italian Bankers - has made it compulsory to use new bank details to identify the customer's account in all transactions between banks within Italy, and between Italian and foreign banks. Furthermore, in future a charge may be levied on all transactions lacking such new details, or indicating erroneous details."
Therefore, please remember to indicate the new IBAN code at all times!

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