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Report Project 2048: Creation of a well with manual pump and of a grain mill in the Guido village, Burkina Faso

Project description

The operations to build up the mill (building of the foundation, production of the bricks and creation of the shelter) started in November 2004, at the end of the agricultural season, since before women and men of the village had to sow and till the soil. The mill was totally built by the peoples of Guido village.
On the 21st of December 2004 the mill was installed and between the 10th and the 15th of January 2005 some experts from the association Mani Tese organized some training courses to manage correctly the mill; moreover, a "managing committee" was created, composed by women from the village. Once the training courses finished, the mill started working.
During the 10 months after the mill building, the experts form Mani Tese made three surveys to check how the project ran and how the mill was managed.
The economic benefits due to the mill building for the peoples in Guido village during 2005 correspond to 370.500 F CFA, which means 555 euros net.
These figures show that the mill managing is perfect and that the activities realized by Mani Tese thanks to its suppliers can give real benefits to the population of Guido village.
The well building was not realized by the local population, since the manual pump required some particular knowledge and materials; for this reason, a qualified Company - BUMIGEB (the mining and geological department in Burkina Faso - was charged. During the first months of year 2005 the BUMIGEB technicians made a geo-physical survey to find out the best site where to drill the soil and reach the underground water resource.
On the 20th of March 2005 the drilling started (the drinkable water was caught in a source 60 meters underground) and on the 5th of May 2005 water was pumped and blowing. On the 12th of June, lastly, the pump was installed.
At the moment, the well built in Guido village is one of the biggest in the area, offering a lot of water.
A local group to manage the well was created, composed by some men and women of the village: they have to get the yearly contribution of 100 F CFA given by every person to maintain the well. This amount is added to the 50.000 F CFA already collected by the managing committee before the pump was installed.

In short, the expense

Drilling for the well and accessories:

5.687.920 F CFA

Training courses:

115.000 F CFA

Other materials:

736.000 F CFA


9.246.920 F CFA (14.097 euros)

Théophile Kabore (representative for Mani Tese in Burkina Faso)
Ouagadougou, 15th November 2005

The well

The drill