Almost every Belgian currently has a loan. Decrease in people with multiple credits

The June 2016 figures from the Central Individual Credit Register (CKP) show that 6,242,349 compatriots with at least one outstanding contract are currently registered. This is almost the same number as our population figure for people in the age group between 20 and 64; currently around 6.7 million (total population is +/- 11.2 million). You could therefore say that almost every Belgian who can borrow actually borrows. Together, the borrowers account for 11,285,996 contracts, of which approximately 75 percent are covered by consumer credit (installment loan, installment sale and credit opening), while the remaining 25 percent are mortgage loans. The CKP, a work arm of the Lenders Bank, records all loans taken out by private individuals for private purposes.

Slightly more borrowers than a year ago

Slightly more borrowers than a year ago

The recent CKP figures show that the total number of borrowers increased slightly within a year. The increase is 0.4 percent compared to the measurement in June 2015 (6,218,927 borrowers). The increase is not the same for all loan categories. Among consumer loans, the number of people on installment loans has increased by 4.0 percent, while fewer people nowadays still have installment sales (-13.4 percent) and fewer Belgians currently have credit facilities (-1.4 percent)). The number of homeowners with a mortgage loan has risen by 0.8 percent in the last twelve months.

More borrowers, fewer contracts

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A bright point in the data from the credit center is that between June 2016 and June 2015 both the total number of outstanding contracts and the number of new contracts decreased. Although, as indicated, 0.4 percent of borrowers have been added, they appear to have jointly 0.1 percent fewer loans in their name. The number of Belgians with multiple loans has therefore decreased, which in itself can be called a positive development. The 245,232 new mortgage loans over the past twelve months are considerably less than the 364,157 new home loans that were concluded between June 2015 and June 2014. The number of new credit openings (cash reserves, credit cards) and installment sales is also declining, but the number of new installment loans contracts (personal loans,Mortgage credit plays a major role in the decline in the number of new contracts.

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